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Relaxing Art For Pleasure LDD
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Monday 15 April 2024
Bury Adult Learning Centre
£72.00 to £144.00


This is a course for those learners who have sensory, physical or cognitive impairments, described as neuro-divergent or with mental health conditions. A pre course interview is required. Please contact us on 0161 253 5772 to arrange this.

These very relaxing 10 weeks' courses will increase your understanding of how to use art as a tool to support your wellbeing. Use of therapeutic art in your life can help with negative thoughts, pain and defuse the stress which daily life can cause. Using therapeutic art techniques can also help when preparing for stressful situations.

Students wishing to take this course will most likely have already completed the Therapeutic Doodle Art course, or Therapeutic Art course and wish to continue to improve their skills. During this course you will continue to work on and improve the skills and techniques you have learned in previous courses, you will increase your knowledge of patterns and use them to create artwork in a range of styles including creating Zentangles, Mandalas and Zendalas as well as other art pieces. You will participate in a range of practical therapeutic art tasks using a range of techniques. Each session includes a relaxing meditation at the end.

By the end of the course, I will be able to:
Understand the how art can be beneficial for my health and wellbeing.
Use a range of patterns to create Zentangle art and doodle art.
Use shading techniques to enhance my art.
Enjoy the benefits of creating art, and create a range of art projects.
Use a range of mediums such as watercolour, pencils, fineliner pens, acryllics.
Understand and appreciate the benefits of art for calming the mind and aiding stress reduction.
Develop techniques to better deal with stressful situations.

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Monday 15 April 2024
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Monday Afternoon
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Bury Adult Learning Centre
18 Haymarket Street
0161 253 5772

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